Former ICE Head Attackes AOC – Reveals She ‘Had To Be Schooled’ About Border Law

Tom Homan, the former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), completely destroyed New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over the weekend during an appearance on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

During the interview, Homan opened up about questions he faced about people coming into this country illegally, and the resulting family separations that occur when migrants try to enter the U.S. with a minor.

“It was quite pathetic that I’m sitting there in a room of lawmakers that don’t know the law,” Homan said. “I mean, yeah, you had [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.)], [and] she obviously didn’t know — You know, I had to take her to school. Entering the country illegally is a crime, which she obviously didn’t understand.”

“The other congressman,” he continued, “[Rep. Rashida] Tlaib [of Michigan] — she didn’t want to use the word ‘illegal alien.’ I had to explain to her, well, it’s [the] Indian Immigration Nationality Act. You know, it’s in Title VIII United States code. These are laws enacted by Congress. So if you don’t know the law — I mean, I’m sitting in a room full of lawmakers. They don’t know the subject. I forgot more about this issue more than anybody there would ever know.”

“And it was just really sad and pathetic, that these people … think they know what they’re talking about and they don’t,” Homan explained. “Again, it’s all [about the Democrats] pushing a false narrative and, ‘Let’s try our hardest to stay away from the facts.’”

He also discussed the protests Democrat lawmakers were planning against Donald Trump’s ICE raids on Sunday.

“When they don’t like a decision that comes from a federal judge, all of a sudden they throw the law out the window,” he said. “You’ve got representatives in Congress, lawmakers, telling people to evade the law. It’s disgusting. I mean, can’t [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi be impeached for that? You can’t tell the American people to ignore the law.”

When asked if these protests would make things dangerous for ICE agents and Border Patrol officers, Homan held nothing back with his response.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Their jobs are already dangerous. These men and women put themselves in harm’s way every day. But yes, when they [the Democrat protesters] stir up the rhetoric and they stir up the hate, it’s going to make [the] job [of ICE officials] more difficult.”

Homan went on to say that he “prays” that “these people [ICE employees] all go home to their families that night.”

He also pointed out that ICE had already given those facing deportation “an opportunity to turn themselves in after they lost their case and they refused to do it. So ICE has to go seek them out because if they don’t, then there is no integrity in the entire system.”

“The American people need to hear the truth and push back on this false narrative [that’s] being [advanced] by the Democrats,” Homan said.

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Homan concluded by saying that during the hearing, Democrats “did not want [the] American people to hear the truth. I think a dozen times during that hearing, when I tried to talk and people were shutting me down, I said, ‘This has nothing to do with transparency. You don’t want the truth, you don’t want to be transparent to the American people. You want to get your false narrative and talking points out and shut me down.”

“As you can see, about halfway through that hearing I had [had] it,” he said. “I wasn’t going to shut up. I wasn’t going to be silenced, so I went at it and I’m glad I did. The American people need to hear the truth and push back on this false narrative [that’s] being [advanced] by the Democrats.”

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