Chilling New Details Surrounding Epstein’s Sudden Death Go Public

Over the weekend, billionaire and alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein died suddenly; news reports claimed he committed suicide in his jail cell, although there was some evidence surrounding the occurrence that have many people question if that’s what truly happened.

Just a few days following Epstein’s death, CBS is reporting that “screams and shrieking” were heard from the billionaire’s jail cell the morning of his alleged suicide. The report said, “CBS News has learned that the morning of Jeffrey Epstein’s death there was shouting and shrieking from his jail cell. Guards attempted to revive him while saying ‘breathe, Epstein, breathe.'”

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At this time, it is not clear who the screams were coming from–they could have come from the guards, Epstein, or someone else entirely.

Epstein’s autopsy was completed on Sunday night, although most of the resulting details have remained under seal. An announcement from the New York City medical examiner stated that currently, his cause of death “is pending further information.”

Numerous media reports state that Epstein hung himself in his cell–just a few days after he was taken off suicide watch. He was supposed to be checked on by guards every 30 minutes, but the guards on duty failed to do so, according to a New York Times report.

On Friday–just one day before his apparent suicide–Epstein was transferred to a new cell, according to the Washington Post. However, at this time it is unclear why he was moved in the first place.

According to Chief Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson, Epstein’s representatives have hired celebrity pathologist Michael Baden “to conduct an independent autopsy and they were allowed to observe the autopsy.” Baden is Fox News’ “Death Correspondent” and was involved in investigations into several high-profile deaths including Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Brown. He has examined more than 20,000 bodies.

Epstein, who was facing charges of trafficking underage girls, had a plethora of powerful friends in politics, banking, entertainment, and journalism. He was friendly with many of the nation’s most rich and famous–including former President Clinton who took numerous rides on Epstein’s private jet.

Clinton, through a spokesperson, admitted to taking four trips on the jet–in 2002 and 2003–but investigative reporting from Fox News found that he had in fact been on the aircraft dozens of times in secret. On numerous occasions, the former president requested that Secret Service not be present on the trips.

Clinton has since stayed silent on the matter and refused to answer any questions from reporters regarding his relationship with Epstein.

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