Thousands of Twitter Users Unleash Scathing Attack on Melania Trump

Late night host Trevor Noah, who has been critical of the Trump Administration in the past, decided to let it rip on First Lady Melania Trump while discussing her husband’s immigration policy.

His comments come after the Trump Administration sought to remove green cards from immigrants who use taxpayer-funded welfare.

Melania Trump is the most popular member of the Trump family, according to polls. Noah said on his Wednesday show, “Personally, I love her, too.” He mentioned that they are both immigrants, stating, “Neither of us would be here if it weren’t for Donald Trump.”

Then, referencing Trump’s recent move on immigration, Noah said, “I think Donald Trump is trying to deport Melania.” He said that the First Lady is rarely in the White house, and “it may have created some tension between them when Trump allegedly banged a porn star and paid her to be quiet and then the whole country found out about it.”

He then noted, that all of Trump’s moves on immigration seem to target his own wife. He noted that Trump complained about people working in the country illegally–while many assume he meant Mexican laborers, Noah noted that Melania never obtained the correct visa for her modeling work in the US.

The late night host also noted that Trump has promised to end chain migration–even though the policy allowed Melania’s Slovenian-born parents to obtain US citizenship. He said, “That’s what Donald Trump was trying to stop–he was trying to turn his in-laws into outlaws.”

Noah’s rant spurred #DeportMelania to trend on Twitter. Thousands of users launched brutal attacks on the First Lady.

Many Trump supporters have argued that such an attack never would have been tolerated against former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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