Antifa Protesters Will Finally Face The Music Thanks to One Very Pissed Off Boston Judge

A very angry judge in Boston has had his fill with Antifa, and is refusing to "take it easy" on the masked commies.

Oftentimes it feels as if Antifa is getting away with murder. It gets frustrating.

So, when we stumble upon a story where the Democrat “terror group” is being held accountable and will likely face justice, we feel it’s important to share it.

Thankfully, a very angry judge in Boston has had his fill with Antifa, and is refusing to “take it easy” on the masked commies.

Judge Sinnot was so fed up, as a matter of fact, that he tossed a lawyer representing the protesters and threw her in the clink.

A defense attorney named Susan Church who was representing some of the defendants tweeted her own reaction to Judge Sinnott’s refusal to dismiss: “The Judge has zero authority to do that. Zilch. A severe overstep. Although the court can deny a dismissal arguably (very thin argument) they cannot for a nol prosse. Trumps’ screw the law attitude seeping down to district court judges I see.” Church, who previously represented Occupy Boston, tried to argue this same point with the judge in person and wound up in handcuffs:

“All I was trying to do was read the law to the court,” Church said. “And I was summarily arrested, handcuffed, brought down to the holding cell, held there for hours … simply for doing my job and advocating for my client.”…

Sinnott, who declined requests from prosecutors to dismiss some of the cases the day before, pushed back against Church when she spoke out about statutes regarding case dismissals.

“This is the only warning you’re going to get. Do not try to talk over me, do not try to turn this into theater,” Sinnott said before ordering Church to be held in contempt. [Hot Air]

In another bold move, Judge Richard Sinnot flatly denied requests to dismiss the cases against Antifa protesters and let them off with “community service.”

The protesters were arrested during Boston’s first “Straight Pride” parade and charged with disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest among other things.

Just because those on the far-left like to hide under the perception that they’re just protesting, it doesn’t and shouldn’t exempt them from having to obey the law. Two Boston judges seem like they agree, because they refused to take it easy on Antifa protesters that violated the law while “counter-protesting” last weekend’s Straight Pride Parade.

Judge Richard Sinnott denied requests from reportedly “progressive” District Attorney Rachel Rollins to “dismiss the cases” against the Antifa protesters “on the condition they complete community service.”

Sinnott wasn’t having any of it and only dismissed two of the nine cases brought before him. According to the Boston Herald, the judge didn’t give reasons for his decisions.

Rollins makes it a point not to prosecute people for violating any of 15 separate crimes including disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, which is what the majority of the Antifa protesters had been charged with.

Also earlier in the week, Judge Thomas Horgan ordered three Antifa protesters to “stay out of Boston.”

According to the Boston Herald:

Judge Thomas Horgan said the three risked being put in jail for 90 days if they didn’t follow his instructions. “Stay out of Boston,” Horgan repeated when the attorney for one of the men asked that his client only be forbidden from downtown Boston so he could visit relatives in Jamaica Plain[…]

The three are only allowed to return to the city for court dates and lawyers’ appointments, the judge added.

Unlike the mayor of Portland, who routinely downplays the violence and authoritarian nature of Antifa, cities cannot be afraid to hold people responsible for their actions. I’m not saying that all of these Antifa protesters need to have the book thrown at them, but they need to be made to understand that they can’t just do anything their entitled hearts desire because they think it’s just in their warped minds. [MRCTV]

Watch the video report on this case from Boston Herald.



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