Biden Hides, Ducks Behind a Tree When Asked About Obama Deportations

Biden wants to avoid the topic of deportations so much, that he'll even duck behind a tree to avoid answering questions.

It’s no secret that Great Grandpa Biden loves talking about his “BFF” Barack Obama. Every chance he gets, Biden manages to worm Obama into the conversation.

Well, after seeing this video, I believe we’ve found a way to finally shut him up about ol’ Barry.

It turns out that Great Grandpa Joe doesn’t want to talk about Obama when it comes to the topic of deportations. As a matter of fact, Biden wants to avoid the topic of deportations so much, that he’ll even duck behind a tree to avoid answering questions.

That’s precisely what happened during a campaign stop in Miami, when a reporter asked Biden about the 3 million people deported while he was vice president.

Biden was in such a hurry to get away, he quickly ducked and disappeared under the cover of a leafy palm tree.

Joe Biden ignored immigration activists who heckled the former vice president over millions of illegal immigrants deported during the Obama administration during a recent campaign stop in Miami.

The footage shows Biden flanked by staff as he took a selfie and pushed through a small crowd Sunday.

“Mr. Vice President,” a man behind the camera shouted.

“Mr. Vice President, 3 million people were deported in your administration,” he shouted as Biden turned to look at him. “What was going on?”

“Why were you trying to deport people to curry favor with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell?” the man yelled.

Biden didn’t bother to respond, and instead ducked behind a palm tree and into the Ball & Chain in Little Havana.

“He ducks the question,” the heckler said.

Once inside, Obama’s right-hand man took aim at Trump, who he said has “abandoned out leadership in the hemisphere,” the Miami Herald reports. [American Mirror]

Watch the video below:

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