Stunning Video of Slumlord Maxine Waters’ Poverty-Stricken District

Maxine's district is located in South Central Los Angeles, and it's a sad, desolate, and depressing place, filled with garbage, poverty, drugs, and crime.

Maxine Waters is a modern-day slumlord.

No, she doesn’t own any rundown apartment buildings (that we know of) but she runs a district in California that is a dilapidated, hopeless mess.

Waters has definitely earned her nickname “Poverty Pimp,” as she personally benefits from acting as if she’s an advocate for the poor people of California’s 43rd District.

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She’s not an advocate. She’s a predator. 

Maxine’s district is located in South Central Los Angeles, and it’s a sad, desolate, and depressing place, filled with garbage, poverty, drugs, and crime.

In other words, it’s a typical liberal-run district. She and Elijah Cummings could have a contest over whose district has the most rats.

However, Maxine Waters doesn’t experience the plight of her depressing district, because she lives in a $4.3 million dollar mansion located in Hancock Park, which is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in southern California.

This is Maxine Water’s home:

As you can see, there’s no rats, garbage, or dilapidated buildings in Maxine’s neighborhood.

Notice her iron gates, perfectly manicured lawn, and grand walkway.

She’s just a lowly elected official, serving the people of her district in a humble way, right?

No, this woman is a living, breathing con-job.

Tucker Carlson did a wonderful piece on Maxine Waters fancy lifestyle and wondered how on earth a “public servant” makes enough money to live in a sprawling $4.3 million dollar mansion.

Watch that video here:

How can a member of Congress afford a $4.5 million Los Angeles mansion that takes up half a city block in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country? Ask Maxine Waters.

Ask her about her other two homes as well, worth another approximate $850,000 to $1.1 million. Savvy real estate acquisitions for a public servant with a $174,000 House of Representatives salary. Whoops, almost left out Maxine’s time share property in Palm Springs, CA. Add that to her list.

Only one of her homes is located in the gritty LA congressional district which she was elected to represent. Her exclusive estate is miles north — well outside her congressional district — far away from LA’s street crime, murder and the folks she is supposed to help. Apparently, Maxine has addressed concerns about help. A private company maintains her property and impressive manicured landscaping at the mansion.

Oh, we almost forgot this too. Waters’ posh 6,000 square foot LA estate is protected with wrought-iron gates at the front doors and gates for driveways and patios on each side of the Mediterranean-style abode. And add a long brick wall that protects the side of the sprawling property. There are some gates and fencing in the back too, near the custom barbecue area and the detached structure that houses Maxine’s newly built indoor pool. Or is the swimming pool in the main house? We’ll have to ask the butler. [True Pundit]

To make matters worse, while the people in her district suffer with poverty, poor education, high crime rates, and drug addiction, Maxine Waters spends all her time in Congress pushing for Trump’s impeachment.

She doesn’t work on infrastructure, or plans to secure the border in order to help end the flow of drugs into her district does she?


Maxine is laser focused on one thing, and one thing only – and that’s destroying the man who has helped black people more in 2 years, than the last black president did in 8 years.

That’s how little Maxine cares for the people she supposedly represents.

Yet, these fools keep voting her back in office. Gluttons for punishment?

The video below is from 2018, and shows the death of a district. A place where hope and success comes to die. This is Maxine’s legacy. Twenty-eight years of reigning supreme over failure and filth.

You can watch the video below:

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