ABC News Shuts Down ‘Pencil Neck’ Adam Schiff: ‘You Have No Evidence of That Whatsoever’

Schiff appeared on ABC's "This Week," to do his usual spin job, pushing his "theories" as facts, but this time he was shutdown.

It’s been years now that Adam Schiff has been allowed to spew lie after lie on national TV, without being challenged for the phony conspiracy theorist he is.

This man peddled the fake Russia hoax for years, and he’s back at it again, with his fake Ukraine impeachment circus, and attacking the legitimate Barr-Durham probe into FISA abuse.

Crazy-eyes Schiff appeared on ABC News ‘This Week” with Martha Raddatz.

Schiff was there to do his usual spin job, pushing his “theories” as facts, but this time he was shutdown.

Adam Schiff declared, with no facts at all, that the Durham investigation is “tainted” because of political motivation.

“This is tainted because of the motivation, which is a political one, to serve the president’s political interests,” Schiff aimlessly stated.

What Adam is doing is a tactic from the left – they say what they “think” or “feel” and present it as the absolute truth. This is why so many leftists are literally clueless and believe these hairbrained conspiracy theories. It’s all part of the lefts plan to keep their low-info, gullible base angry and misinformed.

However, for once, someone in the mainstream media quickly shot down the spin job.

Raddatz pushed back against Schiff’s statement, stating “you have no evidence of that yet whatsoever.”

You can watch the entire interview below:


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