Brit Hume Calls Out Anti-Trump Judge Napolitano for Peddling Falsehoods: ‘Unclear What My Friend Andrew is Talking About Here’

As we all know by now Fox News has taken a hard left turn and are shamelessly promoting anti-Trump hosts and pundits like Chris Wallace and Judge Napolitano

As we all know by now Fox News has taken a hard left turn and are shamelessly promoting anti-Trump hosts and pundits like Chirs Wallace and Judge Napolitano, who have given up on reporting “facts” and truth in exchange for pushing their anti-Trump, progressive narrative.

Chris Wallace spends his Sunday mornings spreading “high school gossip” using “unnamed sources” in an ongoing effort to validate the impeachment circus, while Judge Nap just spreads outright lies as he works to prop up the Dems impeachment charade.

Judge Nap has lost any credibility he had. But keep in mind, this guy is a former New Jersey circuit court judge. He’s not some federal court expert or Constitutional know-it-all, like how he’s been sold to us for years and years.

During a segment on “Fox and Friends,” Judge Nap slammed the Republicans who “stormed” the Capitol, by claiming it was actually Republicans who “rewrote the rules” and the Democrats are just following the law of the land.

Judge Nap was so determined to defend Democrats “shady secret hearings” and slam Republicans, that he laid the blame for this mess at this at the feet of former Speaker John Boehner.


Brit Hume took to Twitter where he called Judge Nap out on his flagrant mistruth.

Hume said he didn’t know what his “friend Andrew” as talking about, but the only change Boehner made to the House rules was one that allows committee chairs to issue subpoenas on their own authority.

He made zero changes to rules on impeachment, as Judge Nap said he did.

Fake news.

Brit was so adamant about this, that he posted yet another tweet calling Judge Nap out.

How can Fox News allow this low-info, Trump-hating buffoon on their channel as some sort of “expert?” If people want anti-Trump propaganda and fake news, they can tune into CNN or MSNBC.

Judge Nap is clearly out of his league discussing impeachment matters (this isn’t the first time he’s been wrong) and he is also unable to control his bitter emotions and anger towards President Trump for not nominating him to the SCOTUS.

Clearly, Trump knows what he’s doing by not choosing this low-level hack.

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