Chris Wallace Shows Anti-Trump Bias, Day After Shep Smith Leaves Fox News

Both Pelosi and Mitt Romney have children that are on or were Board members for a different energy company (not Burisma, the one Biden sat on) in Ukraine.

On Friday, Shep Smith resigned from Fox News after 23 years and now conservatives are probably going to be calling for Chris Wallace’s job too.

Wallace called out former Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich who called the impeachment effort against Pres. Trump “unconstitutional.”

Wallace used his interview appearance on America’s Newsroom with host Sandra Smith to respond to Newt’s earlier comments who have made the statement how the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry was unconstitutional and the “coup” against Trump would backfire.

“Nancy Pelosi is simply carrying out what is an unconstitutional coup d’etat in effort to use the power of the Congress to change the outcome for the American people,” Gingrich said. “I think it’ll backfire very badly.”

Wallace suggested that Gingrich was acting hypocritically because he took part in the impeachment investigation into President Bill Clinton when he controlled the House in 1998.

“I am a little surprised at Speaker Gingrich, who I greatly respect. This is the exact opposite of unconstitutional,” Wallace said. “The Constitution specifically says that impeachment is left to Congress with very little statement as to how they want to conduct it.

“In fact, I think I remember that Newt Gingrich led an impeachment effort against Bill Clinton in 1998. Was that an effort to overturn an election? No, he was investigating stuff,” Wallace continued. “To call it unconstitutional or an effort to overturn an election, that’s kind of a reach.” [Washington Examiner]

Newt is right. Anyone question why Pelosi jumped all in on impeachment before seeing any evidence? If the investigation into corruption is done honestly it isn’t just the Biden family that will get the spotlight on them.

Both Pelosi and Mitt Romney have children that are on or were Board members for a different energy company (not Burisma, the one Biden sat on) in Ukraine. Have you stopped to wonder why both of them adamantly oppose the DOJ looking into corruption in Ukraine?

It’ll make you think twice about who is selling access to politicians and lawmakers. I say find them and out them all, regardless of party affiliation. We desperately need an overhaul of our congressional members, and term limits implemented because more than half of the current members are worthless and only there to serve themselves and their families.

Watch above, via Washington Examiner.

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