CNN Brass Rolls Out The ‘Red Carpet’ For Shepard Smith – Even Has His ‘Time Slot’ Picked Out

Shepard Smith and CNN are a match made in the bowels of fake news hell.

Shepard Smith and CNN are a match made in the bowels of fake news hell.

How many times have Fox News viewers shouted at their TV, “Go to CNN, you loser!” at Shep Smith during one of his infamous hysterical anti-Trump rants.

Countless times, I’m sure.

Well, if CNN’s disgraced President Jeff Zucker has his way, that will be a reality in the near future.

The CNN brass says he’d very open to hiring Shep.

As a matter of fact, the fake news channel is so excited about the possibility of Shep joining the low-rated team, that they’ve even picked out the perfect time slot for him.

Speaking at the network’s CITIZEN by CNN forum, Zucker called Smith, who unexpectedly resigned from Fox News earlier this month, both a “great journalist” and an “incredibly talented” anchor.

“I would be very open to talking to him,” Zucker revealed to CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter.

Stelter, who hosts CNN’s Reliable Sources, suggested the network’s 11:00 a.m. would be an optimal time slot for Smith to occupy.

“That’s what I was thinking. That’s so weird you’re thinking that, too,” Zucker replied, before adding, “I don’t know when he’ll be available but he is an immense talent and we’re always looking for great talent.”

Smith, known for his critical coverage of President Donald Trump and his administration, announced October 11th on his weekday program Shepard Smith Reporting that it would be his last broadcast at the network. Smith joined Fox News in 1996 and covered major news stories for over two decades. He held the title of chief news anchor and managing editor of the outlet’s breaking news unit.

During his interview with Stelter, Zucker re-upped his criticisms of Fox News, contending that employees of the network “are not truth-tellers.” He went on to say the network is “not a news organization” and is “akin to state-run TV.”

Zucker also addressed whether he still harbors plans to run for public office one day.

“There are a lot of political offices that are interesting,” he stated. “It is something I will look at at the appropriate time. I have no plans to do so at this time. Politics interests me. [Breitbart]

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