Megyn Kelly Returns To Fox For First Appearance In Over Two Years – Slams Media For Their Bias

Megyn Kelly made her first appearance on Fox News in over two years on Wednesday night when she appeared on Tucker Carlson’s primetime show, and she held nothing back in calling out the media on their bias.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that Carlson played a clip in which CNN host Anderson Cooper asked former Vice President Joe Biden a blatantly biased question during last night’s debate. Carlson then pointed out that scenes like this add “up to basically partisan interference in an election.”

“You have journalists who feel that their first obligation is to help a candidate or hurt another candidate. That’s not journalism,” Carlson said.

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Kelly agreed with him, explaining that she does not believe that subjective judgment should have a place in journalism.

“There was a premise that the other media, the mainstream media, maybe they weren’t far left, but that there was a baked-in bias against people who believe in homeschooling, who believe in a pro-life position, who might have a gun,” Kelly said, referring to how media changed and how Fox News started. “And so they made a whole empire based on programming to those people. I think what’s happened now on the other half of the country, on sort of the mainstream, is they have embraced it.”

“It was sort of passive and now it’s active,” she continued. “Now it’s, ‘Let’s work. He’s too bad. We have to work together. We’ll be judged. History will judge as whether we were for or against this man [Trump].’”

Kelly added that this shift came before Trump was even elected in 2016, citing an interview she did at the time with Univision host Jorge Ramos, who argued that journalists must become partisan and “abandon neutrality.”

“He said, ‘That’s over. You’ve got to come out and you’ve got to say Trump’s a racist. Trump’s a misogynist. Trump’s a bigot. Whatever your view is, you’ve got to say it and you’ve got to sell it, and that the time for neutrality has passed,’” Kelly remembered. “And I do believe he’s [Ramos] persuaded — and others have come to their own conclusion — that that’s the way forward.”

Deadline reported that Kelly also went after her former home network of NBC News, saying that the network has not detailed their sexual harassment settlements related to Matt Lauer.

“Show us the money,” she said. “They need to release any and all Matt Lauer accusers from their confidentiality agreements. NBC says they have nothing to hide. Great, let’s not hide anything. Show us all the agreements so we can see which ones pop out, and are they all women? The question is open to whether they put dollars ahead of decency.”

Kelly then slammed NBC for doing a self-analysis of their sexual harassment allegations.

“There needs to be an outside investigation into this company,” Kelly said. “They investigated themselves. That doesn’t work. This is how it’s done. You get somebody who’s on the outside who can be trusted. If that’s true and there’s nothing to hide, get an outside investigator. … More needs to happen to get to the bottom of this.”

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