‘Nationals’ Owner Hates Trump so Much, He Coordinated With MLB to Avoid Sitting ‘Anywhere Near The President’

The toxic and hateful energy in the D.C. swamp is so thick and murky, even the owner of the "Washington Nationals" has Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome.

If you’re wondering why on earth a crowd of American baseball fans would boo the President of The United States on the very day that he announced the death of one of our greatest enemies, wonder no more.

The toxic and hateful energy in the D.C. swamp is so thick and murky, even the owner of the “Washington Nationals” has Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome.

A new report reveals “Nationals” owner Mark Lerner and his family are such a Trump-haters, that when they found out President Trump was attending the game, he started working behind the scenes with the MLB to make sure he wasn’t even “asked” to sit anywhere near the president.

So, not only did he not want to sit near Trump, he didn’t want to even be asked about it.

What a small, petty, loser. Typical liberal.

If this is the hateful tone from the owner, imagine how that trickles down to the team and the fans, most of which were probably “upcoming” Schiff whistleblowers.

The owners of the Washington Nationals didn’t want to sit with President Trump at a World Series game, so much so that they asked Major League Baseball to make sure they didn’t have to respond to any such requests, local news station WUSA9 reported Sunday.

President Trump announced that he would be attending Sunday’s Game Five of the World Series without consulting the team. Unlike presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the only other presidents to have served during the Nationals’ history, Trump had not yet attended a Washington baseball game during his nearly three years in Washington.

The Lerner family, which owns the Nationals, asked the league office, which coordinated the presidential appearance, to make sure the Lerners wouldn’t be put in a position where they would have to turn down a White House request for Trump to sit with them, WUSA9 reported.

Trump ended up sitting in a different luxury suite away from the owners’ box, surrounded by First Lady Melania Trump and a coterie of Republican congressmen.  [Fast Forward]

I’m glad President Trump went to the game and Americans were able to watch vile liberals disrespect the office of the presidency. It really shows how wretched the elites in this country are and how wildly out of touch they are with middle America, who loves President Trump.

And the even better news is that the “Nationals” were victims of the #TrumpCurse. After booing President Trump, they ended up losing in a humiliating 7-1 loss to the Houston Astros.


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