Report: Maxine Waters Gave Daughter $56K From Her Campaign Committee

Waters is all about getting paid. This isn't unique though among our self-sacrificing politicians. She has been more transparent about it, however, getting caught over and over

Rep. Maxine Waters heads one of Congress’s most powerful committees, and attention is turning to her ethics after the Washington Free Beacon reported she gave her daughter $56K from her campaign committee.

There are so many holding offices that should not be there and Waters is one of the main ones. What a hypocrite. She deserves whatever accountability comes her way. Her daughter should be investigated thoroughly.

If these people in Congress would devote as much time and effort to finding ways to solve the country’s problems as they do to creating schemes to steal the money we would all be a lot better off. Waters is a radical progressive thus, being this nation has been so propagandized for decades by the left, it takes longer for the laws to be fair and deal them prosecution for their crimes. Once we rid our nation of the crooked judges, biased FBI, etc we might get things done accordingly for all by our laws.

She’s a joke! Even Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t hold back his laugh last week during a committee hearing:

Waters’s campaign committee disbursed $56,000 to the congresswoman’s daughter Karen during the third quarter, according to the committee’s most recent filings. The committee’s payment to Karen reduced some of the accrued debt owed to her for running a slate mailer, or endorsement mailer, operation for the campaign.

At the end of 2018, the campaign reported being $183,000 in the red to Karen. Since that time, it has steadily chipped away at the debt, bringing the amount currently owed down to $52,000. As Waters has continued to pay her daughter from her campaign’s coffers, other committee debts have remained untouched.

The committee still maintains a debt of $300 for a security guard and $600 for a sound system at a Christmas party that first appeared on her post-general report from last year. Other debts, such as an American Airlines travel expense of $719.60, were racked up between April 1 and May 16, 2012, filings show. That debt still appears on Waters’s most recent FEC filings. Various congressional FCU Visa card purchases totaling $3,506, which first appeared on her April 2008 quarterly report, remain unpaid.

Waters currently maintains nearly $100,000 in campaign debt, more than half of which is marked toward her daughter. The campaign has $600,000 cash on hand.

Who in the world would ever trust a crazy person like this – calls for violence against government employees – she should be impeached. Waters has a reputation as the dirtiest politician in D.C. – but not news and it’s been going on for years – and nothing happens to her. Her family has done very well on the taxpayer ‘dime’ she hands out like candy. She’s crooked – and in charge of powerful committees – it’s disgusting.

She got caught illegally diverting federal funds through her husband’s bank and walked scot-free, so this should be nothing more than an annoyance for her. They should form an independent council and arrest everyone she knows for crimes unrelated to the special counsel or brought about by the special counsel.

I hope these watchdog groups go after every single person in the House and Senate, regardless of party. It’s way past time they started following the laws like the rest of us have to.

Can’t tell which is more nauseating, her ignorance or her arrogance.

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