Report: Trump Supporters Are Better Educated Than The Average American

We're smart enough not to watch CNN and MSNBC. We're smarter than liberals and the "elite media," who fall hook-line-and-sinker for every fake news story that comes down the pike.

A new report reveals that Trump supporters are better educated than the average American.

This isn’t really shocking news to anyone who has been paying attention…we’re smarter too.

After all, we’re smart enough not to watch CNN and MSNBC. We’re smarter than liberals and the “elite media,” who continually fall hook-line-and-sinker for every fake news story that comes down the pike. We don’t buy into climate junk science, and we understand that $15 dollar an hour minimum wage will kill small businesses.

We also realize that the Statue of Liberty isn’t our nation’s “immigration policy.”

We’re also smart enough to wait for all the facts before we lose our sh*t and throw a hissy fit (Jussie Smollett, Covington Boys, etc.), and we’re smart enough to know that President Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country in decades.

Despite all these facts, smug and gullible liberals still paint Trump supporters out to be piss-poor backwater bumpkins who need help figuring out what 2+2 equals.

However, a new study conducted from exit polls and the Census Bureau shows that we’re not only more educated, we also make more money.

The average household income of a Trump supporter is $72,000 which is nearly 13,000 over the US national average.

Nate Silver of “Five Thirty-Eight” broke the numbers down and found that 44 percent of Trump voters have university degrees, compared to the US national average of 29 percent.

Class in America is a complicated concept, and it may be that Trump supporters see themselves as having been left behind in other respects. Since almost all of Trump’s voters so far in the primaries have been non-Hispanic whites, we can ask whether they make lower incomes than other white Americans, for instance. The answer is “no.” The median household income for non-Hispanic whites is about $62,000,4 still a fair bit lower than the $72,000 median for Trump voters.

Likewise, although about 44 percent of Trump supporters have college degrees, according to exit polls — lower than the 50 percent for Cruz supporters or 64 percent for Kasich supporters — that’s still higher than the 33 percent of non-Hispanic white adults, or the 29 percent of American adults overall, who have at least a bachelor’s degree.

This is not to say that Trump voters are happy about the condition of the economy. Substantial majorities of Republicans in every state so far have said they’re “very worried” about the condition of the U.S. economy, according to exit polls, and these voters have been more likely to vote for Trump. But that anxiety doesn’t necessarily reflect their personal economic circumstances, which for many Trump voters, at least in a relative sense, are reasonably good. [Five Thirty Eight]

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