“That’s a Cheap Attack!”: The View Erupts Over al-Baghdadi Assassination

ABC’s The View descended into chaos this morning, during a discussion about the assassination of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The co-hosts discussed the ISIS leader who was killed during a US raid in Syria this weekend; they also addressed President Donald Trump’s press conference on Sunday, where he announced the operation.

Sunny Hostin, a reliable liberal on the show, predictably used the situation to criticize Trump. She complained that he mishandled the situation by “thanking Russia first” before US troops.

After Hostin complained, co-host Abby Huntsman blew up. She yelled, “That’s a cheap attack line, Sunny!”

Hostin yelled back, “It’s the truth!”

Whoopi Goldberg initially attempted to get everyone to “agree that the world is a better place without this guy in it?”

The panel still couldn’t agree. Joy Behar, another predictable anti-Trumper, sniped, “Who? Trump, or the Baghdadi?” She added, “Trump is now taking credit for all of this,” after he said on Twitter years ago that Barack Obama didn’t deserve credit for the death of Osama bin Laden.  Behar added, “Maybe he should back off a little and stop bragging about it so much.”

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Hostin said, “Folks inside of the intelligence community are saying that this operation was done despite, or in spite of, President Trump. Not because of him. It just concerns me that even in something like this, he just doesn’t follow the rules.”

Huntsman responded, “It’s a huge deal. … When good things happen, you deserve some credit.”

Huntsman pointed out that her co-hosts spend every show “finding a reason to hit on Trump, to say what a terrible president he is.” She continued, “This has been in the works for years. You had none of our men and women that died in the process. While Trump would love for us to be talking about him, I’m sure, I’m not going to do it today. I’m not going to spend my time. I’m so proud of this country … When we complain all the time, we still rock. We are leading this world in this fight against terror.”

That’s when the confrontation happened.

Hostin said, “We need to honor the men and women in our armed forces that executed this, and our allies. President Trump didn’t necessarily thank them first. In fact, he thanked Russia first.”

Huntsman said, “That’s a cheap attack line, Sunny! I think it’s the truth.”

Hostin responded, “That’s what happened in real life!”

Huntmans continued, “Were you in the situation room when information was coming in?”

Hostin responded again, “Was he in the situation room?” appearing to reference a tweet from Pete Souza–Obama’s White House photographer–that implied the photo of Trump in the situation room was staged.

The back-and-forth continued, until Whoopi called for a commercial break to avoid a full-blown fight.

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