Ukraine Announces New Probe into Hunter Biden’s Former Company – Trump Supporters Rejoice

On Friday, Ukraine’s top prosecutor said  his office is "conducting an audit" of the probe involving the gas company "Burisma," where Hunter Biden had served on the board.

In a delightful twits, the Ukraine government has agreed to look into the Hunter Biden/Joe Biden “Burisma” scandal once again.

On Friday, Ukraine’s top prosecutor said  his office is “conducting an audit” of the probe involving the gas company “Burisma,” where Hunter Biden had served on the board.

“Burisma” is at the center of the Biden-Ukraine scandal, after Joe Biden appeared on camera bragging he got the prosecutor investigating his son’s company fired, after vowing to withhold a billion dollars from Ukraine.

Ruslan Ryaboshapka, Ukraine’s prosecutor general, said his office was instructed to review cases that have been closed, fragmented or investigated to make sure they were fairly and thoroughly handled. He said no one attempted to influence him to make the call.

Trump supporters took to Twitter to celebrate the good news!

“Turning Point USA’s” Charlie Kirk kicked off the festivities, by announcing the new probe.

“Breaking: Ukraine new Chief Prosector to “audit” Biden case

Is this why Biden wants Rudy Giuliani off of TV?”

“My question is why did Biden (too old to run) decide to toss his hat into the election? Was it because he was being investigated? Because if he was running for President, they could use it to stop any questions into his business?”

“Wait — I’m totally confused…

How can Ukraine be REOPENING the Biden case when the media told me there was never a case to begin with?”

“Oh crap. Are we not supposed to watch cable news for how we’re supposed to think? I have to go turn on CNN so I know how to respond.”

“Some in the media keep saying that the Joe Biden Ukraine Story has been debunked. By Who? The left-wing media; the ones who pushed the Russia collusion witch-hunt on the American people, and it turned out to be a lie….. Biden is guilty as hell!”

“Thank you, Mr. President, for fighting to expose corruption. Don’t let the Biden family quid pro quo go.
Keep shining light on their dealings with China & Ukraine.”

“Imagine how disappointed Nancy & Adam must be: “The Ukrainian prosecutor general insisted on Friday that he did not feel any pressure over the Burisma case.”

“Schiffty looked pretty defeated when he came out of the room..couldn’t even muster up a fabrication or parody! Lol”

“Trump telling news cameras that China should also investigate is not treasonous. I love how you word it though, makes it sound so much worse. Also, Ukraine’s prosecutor started probing the investigation of Burisma. Biden is running out of time before Trumps proven correct.”

This is great news for Trump supporters and absolutely horrific news for Biden and his faltering campaign. Let us know what you think about this turn of events in the comments below.

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