Chris Wallace Lashes Out at Trump and Supporters – Fox News Audience Left Stunned

Now that Shep Smith has left Fox News, Chris Wallace is arguably the most vocal anti-Trump anchor at the network. The Fox News audience, which tends to support the president in overwhelming numbers, has not responded kindly to Wallace’s apparent bias.

While appearing on America’s Newsroom, Wallace said that Trump and his defenders are wrong when they say there is nothing controversial about the president’s call with the president of Ukraine. His comments were during a discussion about the impeachment inquiry, which was recently launched by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Conservative pundit Bill Bennett said it was “just a phone call,” to which Wallace responded, “It was a lot more than a phone call. It was a coordinated campaign. What you’ve heard from Bill Taylor and Fiona Hill and Colonel Vindman and a bunch of others is that this was a coordinated campaign by people outside the regular diplomatic channels at the State Department to put pressure on Ukraine to do certain things…It didn’t begin and end with a phone call.”

Bill Hemmer followed up by asking Wallace about the testimony of Tim Morrison, the top Europe and Russia adviser of the National Security Council, along with questions about what could happen once the impeachment inquiry goes public. Wallace noted that the inquiry is insulated from surprises because of the closed-door interviews the House has conducted with witnesses, and both parties will have “a pretty good sense by the time they go public as to what their story is.”

“For all of our talk of what public opinion is now, I don’t think it matters because in the end, once you hear these people in person, live, we’re all able to judge for ourselves,” Wallace said. Is Bill Taylor going to be as explosive as his testimony was, or not? Is Colonel Vindman going to be? Are there going to be contradictions? Are Republicans going to bring up counter evidence? It’ll almost start all over again and I think public opinion will really be determined by the public hearings.” [Mediaite]

Fox News viewers have complained that the network is beefing up its anti-Trump commentators. Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox New’s Chief Legal Analyst, is a noted anti-Trump commentator as is Juan Williams and several other left-of-center personalities.

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