Hillary Clinton Attacks Trump – Demands Dems Pick Candidate Who Will Win Electoral College

Failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held nothing back as she bashed President Donald Trump on Monday night while also demanding that Democrats pick a candidate who can win the Electoral College.

“We have to hope that whoever ends up nominated can win the Electoral College,” Clinton said during a talk in Denver, Colorado that was meant to promote her new book “The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience.”

“I think several of our candidates could win the popular vote but as I know … that’s not enough,” Clinton continued, according to The Hill. “I don’t think we have a choice; we have to win.”

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While speaking alongside her daughter Chelsea, Clinton urged the audience to “work hard for your preference in the primary” but “close ranks behind whoever is nominated.”

“Do not let anyone you know vote third party,” Clinton added.

Though she never mentioned President Donald Trump by name, it was clear she was trying to attack him when she warned that his administration “is going to take some work to repair.”

“What we’ve got is government not by principle but by tweet and it’s undermining who we are,” she said.

Clinton went on to complain about Trump’s interaction with Ukraine and his decision to withdraw troops from Syria, explaining that the president had no plan to not “abandon the Kurds.”

“We’re supposed to be striving to be a more perfect union,” Clinton said. “We had, I think, a very important quality that is now being undermined and is being destroyed by the current administration. The current president has an affinity for dictators.”

Not stopping there, Clinton also warned that there will be both human and financial consequences from Trump’s time in office in areas like public health, climate change and global reputation.

This comes amidst rumors that Clinton is secretly planning to enter the presidential race at the last minute and take on Trump for a second time. Last week, former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris said that he thinks she may still enter the race because she feels “entitled” to the presidency.

“My feeling is that she wants to,” Morris said. “She feels entitled to do it. She feels compelled to do it. She feels that God put her on the Earth to do it. But she’s hesitant because she realizes the timing is bad.”

Last week, The New York Times reported that Clinton has been telling those close to her that she will run if she’s positive that she can win. However, The Times added that Clinton is privately skeptical that she actually could beat Trump.

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