Ivanka Trump Punches Back – Defends Father Against Angry Liberals

President Trump's daughter Ivanka came to her father's defense just after the House passed their partisan sham impeachment inquiry vote.

President Trump’s daughter Ivanka came to her father’s defense just after the House passed their partisan sham impeachment inquiry vote.

The House voted along party lines, with zero Republicans supporting the impeachment inquiry and 2 Dems voting against it as well.

This was a major failure for Speaker Pelosi, who back in March said that in order for the impeachment to be successful, she’d need “bipartisan” support.

Pelosi did not get her bipartisan support for this impeachment circus. As a matter of fact, she lost two clowns along the way. Not to mention a new USA Today poll shows only 36% of Americans support this silly circus.

Needless to say, the Speaker has landed herself in a mess, and I’m sure if she could go back in time she’d never have stumbled down this peanut shell-lined road to political oblivion.

But she can’t. Pelosi is now stuck with this massive impeachment circus monkey on her back. It’s the last chance the Dems have to beat Trump in 2020. They don’t have a candidate who can win against him, because Democrats have left the American working class behind, in favor of illegals, refugees, and elitist , out-of-touch radical liberals.

If this stupid sham doesn’t work (it won’t) the SCOTUS will be lost to them for decades to come.

After the vote, President Trump’s daughter took to Twitter where she shared a moving quote from Thomas Jefferson that reads, “…surrounded by enemies and spies catching and perverting every word that falls from my lips or flows from my pen, and inventing where facts fail them.”

It’s from a letter that Jefferson wrote to his daughter. Ivanka goes on to tell her father, “Some things never change, dad!’

Rest assured Ivanka, we the people intend to defend your father with every fiber of our being, and we’ll also make sure that he’s Commander in Chief for another 4 glorious “America First” years.

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