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Michelle Obama Reemerges To Reveal A-List Lineup For Her 2020 Get-Out-The-Vote Campaign

Former First Lady Michelle Obama just reemerged to reveal her all-star “voting squad” that will be encouraging Americans to vote in 2020.

“Last year, we went big. Millions of new voters made their voices heard for the first time. Now the stakes are even higher,” Michelle said in a video for her When We All Vote campaign that was released on Thursday.

“That’s why I’ve been reaching out to some friends to expand my voting squad for the year ahead,” she added, according to The Hill [1].

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A-listers that are featured in the video, which was released almost exactly one year before the 2020 election, include Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, “Hamilton’s” Lin-Manuel Miranda, mega TV producer Shonda Rhimes, soccer pro Megan Rapinoe and singers Faith Hill, Selena Gomez and Janelle Monáe. Others that are featured are “Black-ish” star Tracee Ellis Ross, Rita Wilson, YouTube star Liza Koshy and NBA player Chris Paul.

“It all starts with you,” the celebrities tell viewers. “You’re the only person that can have that conversation with your family and your friends and your girlfriends and even with your community to get them registered and ready to vote.”

Michelle first launched her get-out-the-vote campaign in July of 2018 during the lead-up to the midterm elections. At the time of the launch, those organizing said that the campaign from a nonpartisan nonprofit was to “start a conversation on the responsibilities that we all have in shaping our country’s future through the ballot box.”

As for this year’s effort, When We All Vote said the group “is calling on Americans to organize their own squads, volunteer groups aimed at getting friends, family, classmates and community registered and ready to vote.”

“It’s up to you to change the game,” Rapinoe says in the new video.

“Because when we squad up,” actress Kerry Washington adds, “we can change the world.”

Both Michelle and her husband Barack Obama have stayed active in political commentary since leaving the White House, making it clear that they hope Donald Trump will not be reelected in 2020. This new initiative solidifies the fact that Michelle plans to stay active in the political world in the lead to the next presidential election.