NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Makes Bizarre Statement About Jeffrey Epstein Death

Since the death of billionaire financier and sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein, rumors have swirled about how he actually died. Epstein was found dead in his New York City jail cell, and officials announced that he hanged himself; but other evidence suggested that the death was the result of homicide. And there are plenty of people who would have wanted him dead. Epstein had many powerful friends, including the Clintons, who have been accused of involvement in his illegal sex activities.

Now, adding to the mystery, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is raising more questions about Epstein’s cause of death. On Thursday the mayor said that “something doesn’t fit” about the death even after the city’s medical examiner ruled it a suicide.

De Blasio first said in August he thought something was amiss regarding the billionaire’s suicide in federal jail in Manhattan, where he was being held on multiple charges of sexual abuse and sex trafficking. This week, a pathologist hired by Epstein’s brother disputed findings of an autopsy by the city’s medical examiner that the death was a suicide.

The pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden, claimed that evidence suggested Epstein may have been strangled in prison. Baden is a Fox News contributor and former New York City medical examiner with his own colorful history, who was fired by Mayor Ed Koch after a series of complaints. [Politico]

When de Blasio was asked about Baden’s claims, he said, “Something doesn’t fit here. It just doesn’t make sense that the highest profile prisoner in America, you know, someone forgot to guard him. I want to understand, I think everyone wants to understand, what really happened. I don’t know what the nature of the death was. I just know it should never have happened, and we still don’t have good answers.”

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Epstein was found dead while he was awaiting a trial against him.

The billionaire, who was facing charges of trafficking underage girls, had a plethora of powerful friends in politics, banking, entertainment, and journalism. He was friendly with many of the nation’s most rich and famous–including former President Clinton who took numerous rides on Epstein’s private jet.

After Epstein’s death, Clinton, through a spokesperson, admitted to taking four trips on the jet–in 2002 and 2003–but investigative reporting from Fox News found that he had in fact been on the aircraft dozens of times in secret. On numerous occasions, the former president requested that Secret Service not be present on the trips.

Clinton has since stayed silent on the matter and refused to answer any questions from reporters regarding his relationship with Epstein. It seems obvious that following Epstein’s death, the Clintons hope this scandal simply fades away.

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