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Rand Took This Reporter Back to Journalism School When She Tried Defending Whistleblowers’ Anonymity

The media, who have no problem leaking anything and everything that could possibly hurt President Trump, have suddenly become the last bastion of journalistic integrity when it comes to the fake “whistleblower” and his identity.

Senator Rand Paul has called on the press to print his name now that we know he is not some “bipartisan” citizen, but rather a tried and true anti-Trumper and a member of the Deep State who has actually worked for Biden and is a “Ukraine” expert working within the intel community.

Paul made his plea to the press during a Trump rally in his home state of Kentucky.

Paul, a close political ally of the president’s, fanned the flames when he called for the whistleblower to be outed during a campaign rally in Lexington, Kentucky, on Monday night.

“We know the name of the whistleblower,” Paul claimed, prompting cheers from the packed rally.

He went on to make claims about who the person could be and calling for their testimony. He also said that journalists should print the whistleblower’s name. [ABC News [1]]

Of course, GOP traitors like Mitt Romeny quickly condemned Paul for saying the fake “whistleblowers” name should be printed, because Mitt is so “virtuous” and loves to play by the rules that the Dems set for him, but ignore for themselves.

Mitt is an idiot.

But Senator Paul is not backing down, as a matter of fact, he’s “doubling down” on his request to reveal the name of the “whistleblower,” and when he was confronted by an unhinged reporter who was defending the fake “whistleblower,” he silenced her without hardly batting an eyelash.

You can watch the video below:

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [5] and is used by permission.