White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Clashes With Fox New’s Howard Kurtz

Howard Kurtz, host of MediaBuzz on the Fox News Channel, is known for his frosty attitude towards President Donald Trump. So it was no surprise when the host clashed with White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham this weekend.

Kurtz said that revealing the name of the whistleblower would “send a very chilling message to future whistleblowers, including in Democratic administrations, including people who have information on scandal, if they thought they could be turned into a political piñata if somebody just leaks the name to a reporter.”

It seemed clear Kurtz was trying to corner Grisham, but she wasn’t going to take it sitting down.

He hosted Grisham on his show, and said, “Why is the president calling the whistleblower ‘fake,’ and perhaps more important, why is he insisting that the whistleblower’s identity being made public when that could send a chilling message to other government officials who may want to expose corruption without being exposed themselves?”

Grisham responded that “whistleblower protections are important, but you can want just not question the motivation of this whistleblower.”

She continued, “Having the title whistleblower put upon you doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have scrutiny as to what your motives are. So I’m starting to wonder myself, you know, who is this person? Who is this person who purports to want to help the country but won’t talk to anybody but the Dems?”

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