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Chris Wallace Invites Juan Williams on His Show to Trash Trump After Afghanistan Troop Visit

Chris Wallace is so infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome that he has to put a negative spin on absolutely everything that President Trump does. That’s the only reason he invited liberal kook Juan Williams on his Sunday show to discuss President Trump’s Afghanistan trip, claiming it was just a “photo op.”

The man is shameless. He’s nothing more than a two-bit fake news peddler and propagandist masquerading as a serious “news guy.”

Wallace is Shepard Smith with a bit less makeup.

Williams said, “The other part of the political spin is that with Trump, it seemed —and I think this is why you had the thought, I certainly had it, it looks like a photo op. Remember, he had gone to visit any war zone until last year. He was criticized for it. This is his first visit to Afghanistan, our longest war, 2,000 plus Americans dead. He had no preparation. He e talked about a cease-fire, but his military people said we know nothing about any cease-fire with the Taliban, and the Taliban said they know nothing about a cease-fire.”

“He then talked about negotiations with the Taliban, and again, his own diplomats said we know nothing about any ongoing talks with the Taliban,” he added. “The president canceled talks with the Taliban last September if you’ll recall after they were engaged in a violent incident.”

You can watch the video below (comments on Afghanistan start around 1:40 mark):

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [1] and is used by permission.