Hillary Shredded, Humiliated for Hideous Outfit: ‘Shower Curtain From Bates Motel!’

The outfit she wore during her "Gusty Women" book tour looked like a monochromatic Twister gameboard.

By Missy Crane | December 23, 2019

Well, nobody has ever accused Hillary Clinton of being a “fashion plate.”

Oh wait, never mind, some liberal idiots actually did – but normal and sane Americans know better.

Look at this article about Hillary’s (ugly) pantsuits from 2016 when liberals thought Hillary was going to win HA HA!

It would be easy to write off the craze as a one-day costume, but many believe the trend will outlast the presidential inauguration. A major push behind Tuesday’s pantsuit parade came from ‘Pantsuit Nation,’ a private Facebook group that gained more than 2 million members in two weeks to “reappropriate that symbol and everything that it means to me as a feminist and Clinton supporter,” according to one co-founder. By the time most polls closed on Tuesday, thousands of members had proudly shared photos within the group of pantsuits emblazoned with the “I voted” sticker. [Makret Watch]

But as Hillary gets older she’s making some even more questionable fashion choices.

The outfit she wore during her “Gusty Women” book tour looked like a monochromatic Twister gameboard.

You can watch the video below:

“Right foot blue… Left fist blue… Right fist blue… What? We’re not playing twister?”

“Is that a tent she’s wearing?”

“What is she wearing? Several Russians can hide under that tent”

“She’s wearing Jerry Nadlers hand me down! Humpty Dumpty suit!”

“It’s called a Freaking Moo Moo Gown and Hey Chelsea why don’t support that beauty of a Mother and wear one yourself….you’d look smashing…..God you Clinton’s need to stop reproducing…..The Devil’s Rejects is what y’all are…”

“Hillary looks like she fell into a Goodwill clown suit”

“What is she wearing, a shower curtain?”

“Am I the only person that realized Hillary has some kind of medical device hidden under her moo-moo? I don’t know if it’s a colostomy bag or an artificial heart (she certainly doesn’t have a real one) but it’s something.”

Our friends over at Gateway Pundit first showcased this fashion disaster. The comments on the article are absolutely priceless.

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“What is She Wearing? Hillary Clinton Praises Pelosi’s Sham Impeachment During Book Tour – Wrapped in a Blue Polka Dot Tent (VIDEO)”

“She’s wearing a shower curtain from the Bates Motel.”

“where are those little apple implants in her cheeks from last week???”

“Looks like she is wearing a tunic with the Twister pattern…Do you realize she was involved in 3 out of the 4 Presidential Impeachments? That has to be some kind of record…..especially since they are so rare!”

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