Hispanic Trump Supporters School CNN Reporters: ‘He’s Not Racist’

CNN is getting high on their own supply of fake news.

By Missy Crane | December 28, 2019

CNN is getting high on their own supply of fake news.

They’ve been pushing this phony “Trump hates Hispanics” garbage for so long now that they actually believe it.

That’s why they’re so shocked when Hispanic voters support Trump and declare that he hasn’t said anything “racist” whatsoever.

That was yet another completely fake story the media spread; claiming Trump called “all Hispanics rapists and murderers.”

Lies, lies, lies.

No, he did not.

He called a portion of the criminal illegals who are pouring over our unsecured border “rapists and murderers” and he’s right – just look at our prisons.

So, when CNN’s Nick Valencia spoke with a group of Hispanic voters in El Paso, Texas, he was surprised to find that they’re working hard to reelect President Trump.

Valencia seemed most shocked when the topic of “values” came up.

He wondered, “Values? What values does the president have?”

The kind of values where he places hard-working Americans first, you globalist snob.

You can watch the video below:

Maybe if CNN and other fake news outlets reported on the soaring economy once in a while they’d also know that President Trump’s economy is helping minorities. Right now blacks and Hispanics are experiencing the lowest unemployment in recorded history.

See, people care about things that matter to their lives, like jobs and higher wages – not this silly SJW propaganda garbage that CNN and others peddle.

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