Ilhan Omar Comes Unglued During Impeachment Vote – Screams ‘Stop It’ When Tlaib’s Anti-Trump Comments Are Referenced

A video is making the rounds today that shows Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar come unhinged during yesterday’s impeachment vote, screaming “stop it!” when her fellow “Squad” member Rashida Tlaib was called out for comments she previously made about impeaching Donald Trump.

Fox News reported that Omar lost it when House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy mentioned a profanity-laced comment Tlaib had made about Trump back in January. Weeks after she took office, Tlaib was caught on camera at a Capitol Hill reception saying, “We’re going to go in there and we’re going to impeach the motherf—er,” referring to Trump.

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McCarthy mentioned this during his comments on the House floor on the day of the impeachment vote.

“Nothing was going to get in their way and certainly not the truth,” McCarthy began. “Madam Speaker, Chairman Schiff said he had evidence, more than circumstantial, of collusion. That was false.”

“In January, where we all stood in this body. We stood up. We raised our hands. We swore that we’d uphold the Constitution,” McCarthy continued. “And, a few mere hours after that, Congresswoman Tlaib said she was going to impeach the mother-f-er. Those are not my words.”

If you listen clearly in the video below, you can hear Omar yelling “STOP IT!” as McCarthy brings up her friend’s remarks.

Omar also took to Twitter on Wednesday to give her thoughts on impeachment.

“The evidence is clear. Trump extorted a foreign government in an effort to get reelected — and obstructed Congress’ resulting investigation. He abused his oath of office,” she wrote. “Today, I will act to restore balance to our democracy. I will vote to impeach Donald Trump.”

As for Tlaib, she did not even try and hide her giddy excitement at getting to impeach Trump, as she posted a video to Instagram of herself on her way to vote with a huge smile on her face.

“I am on my way to the United States House floor to impeach President Trump,” Tlaib said with a grin as she panned the camera to her laughing staffers.

Trump himself posted the Tlaib video to his Twitter page, captioning it, “This is what the Dems are dealing with. Does anyone think this is good for the USA!”

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