Pelosi Tongue-Tied, Stuttering and Slurring When Asked If She’s Playing ‘Impeachment Games’

Nancy Pelosi is not having a good day today. Sounds like she's had a few vodkas to get the day rolling.

By Missy Crane | December 19, 2019

Nancy Pelosi is not having a good day today.

Last night was bad enough for her – she actually had a meltdown after the impeachment vote and snapped at the press.

Clearly, this woman knows she just destroyed her party and her country with this unbelievably brazen and anti-American stunt.

However, today is not panning out any better for the embattled and disgraced Speaker.

During her press conference, Pelosi was literally unable to speak when she was asked if she was “playing games” with the impeachment by threatening to hold back articles from the Senate.

The stuttering and stammering and incoherent babble has reached its peak here – even for Pelosi who sounds drunk half the time – this was really, really bad.

The old gray mare has been wildly thrown off her game.

You can watch the video below:

Pelosi wore black to the impeachment to try and fool Americans into thinking she and her party have not been trying for 3 years to impeach President Trump.

The whole thing backfired though because her team of globalist ghouls cheered and clapped after the articles were read even though Pelosi gave them a “death stare” from hell.

But it was the New York Post who had the best spin on Pelosi’s little black dress, calling her “Swamp Mistress” and saying it was her “funeral.”

Brutal, but true.

The Dems have made a complete mockery of our country and our processes.

They have weaponized impeachment as a political tool to use against someone you don’t like or to satisfy a pack of wild kooks in your party.

It’s shameful 

And not only will President Trump be cleared in the Senate he will win reelection in November.


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