Rep. Ratcliffe Says He’s Seen Documents Proving Comey and Brennan Were in Cahoots Against Trump

Ratcliffe revealed he's seen documents showing Comey and Brennan were running an illegal anti-Trump spy op BEFORE 'Crossfire Hurricane' began.

By AC Young | December 22, 2019

When it comes to the Deep State globalists illegitimately ruling over our country, we know that every other word out of their mouths is nearly guaranteed to be a complete lie or misdirection. So you can imagine my lack of shock when conservative stalwart Rep. John Ratcliffe just recently revealed that he has seen documents that indicate that Comey and Brennan were running an illegal anti-Trump spy op BEFORE the official start date of the phony ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ investigation into the Trump campaign.

When it comes to these oligarchs and their globalist operatives, nothing can truly come as a shock, because we know they will do anything to keep their power and riches. And their is no one they won’t destroy to get their way. President Trump threatens their ill-gotten gains and their illegitimate hold on power, so of course I would expect to do nothing less than to mobilize the full force of the intelligence community to try to release his grip on power.

Devin Nunes had some interesting things to say about the so-called “pre-pre-pre-sying” engaged in by Obama’s Deep State operatives, and the link to that interview is here: Devin Nunes Talks.

A short summary has been provided by Twitter account “Thunderstrzok”:

Nunes nuggets:

1. DOJ/FBI tried to stop House GOP from acquiring the pre- pre-spying info.
2. DOJ/FBI threatened House GOP — perhaps threats of prosecution — if GOP disclosed the info
3. House GOP considered, but ultimately rejected disclosing evidence on House floor. [Twitter]

I’m not going to get my hopes up, but let’s pray that A.G. Bill Barr and Attorney John Durham blow the lid off of this seditious conspiracy and start throwing globalists in jail cells.

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