We’ve Seen Pelosi Slur and Sound Incoherent Before… But Never Like This. What’s Going on With the Speaker?

There are a lot of horrific "slurring and stammering" Pelosi videos out there - but none as bad as this one.

By Missy Crane | December 31, 2019

Sure, we’ve all seen an endless parade of cringe-worthy Pelosi videos where she’s stammering and slurring.

But I don’t think I have ever seen one quite this bad.

Speaker Pelosi literally sounds either drunk or the victim of a stroke. Very sad. But either way, should this slurring woman seriously be in charge of an “impeachment?”

The left often pushes this idea that there’s something “medically wrong” with President Trump – who happens to be one of the sharpest people ever. As a matter of fact, he’s just a few years younger than Biden and Grandpa Joe seems decades older.

Both Biden and Pelosi often misspeak, get their facts wrong, are easily confused, look as if their teeth are about to fall out, stammer, slur, and can’t remember things.

Yet, nobody in the media seems the least bit phased by this epidemic.

Watch this video and then tell me if President Trump was on video speaking like this, do you think it’d make the evening news?

Of course, it would.

You can watch the video below:

There is something wrong with this woman. It’s absurd that we have to sit around and pretend that this is “normal” behavior.

It’s not normal.

And given the level of power, this woman wields we ave a right to know what’s going on, medically or susbstance abuse wise.

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