Alan Dershowitz Goes Off on Wolf Blitzer, Live on CNN

Alan Dershowitz went on CNN and blasted the network, and host Wolf Blitzer, for twisting his narrative in his defense of President Donald Trump. Dershowitz argued in front of the Senate in defense of the president, during the ongoing impeachment trial.

Dershowitz received criticism for arguing on the Senate floor that if a president believed his or her reelection was in the best interest of the nation, then he or she has a wide range of discretion in pursuit of the goal of being elected. According to the Harvard attorney, this even includes knowingly seeking foreign interference–which is what Democrats are alleging Trump did to harm his 2020 opponent Joe Biden.

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Dershowitz said on the Senate floor, “If a president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment.”

As he was being interviewed by CNN’s Blitzer, Dershowitz claimed the network had knowingly taken his comments out-of-context.

He said to Blitzer, “I never said, never suggested and it was a total distortion, not misunderstanding, distortion of my point that I think a president can do anything if he thinks it is national interest. Never said it, it is nonsense. Your network should never have said I said it repeatedly.”

Blitzer responded, “We were only playing clips from what you actually said on the floor. … Those were your words”

Dershowitz replied, “There were other words you left out.”

Liberal talking head Jeffrey Toobin attempted to insert himself into the conversation, when Dershowitz again hit CNN. He claimed his original comment was “designed to ensure that no one can ever get in trouble for having as part of the motive their re-electability. That was my point. And to distort my point is to misinform your viewers.”

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