Bill O’Reilly Delivers Chilling Observation After Day One Senate Impeachment Trial 

O'Reilly has a very chilling observation after watching Day One of the Impeachment sham

By Missy Crane | January 22, 2020

The first day of the Dems impeachment sham trial is over and the Schiff Crew did not fare well against Team Trump…but we already knew that would happen, especially after witnessing that insane big-top flop they held in the House.

Schiff and Nadler were humiliated and soundly defeated 11 times in a row when the Senate voted on the absurd Dem requests to the rules.

They also took a brutal verbal beating from President Trump’s amazing legal team.

As former Fox News host and conservative powerhouse Bill O’Reilly put it, President Trump will not be convicted in the Senate…However, he did have one very true and very chilling observation after the end of the first day of the unconstitutional trial.

O’Reilly correctly points out that President Trump would be convicted if Dems controlled the Senate and went on to say that that should send a “chilling” message to all future presidents: If your party doesn’t control Congress “watch out.”

It’s a scary reality – but O’Reilly is right.

The Dems, once again in their obsessive and unhealthy quest for power has changed the game.

They’ve cheapened what “impeachment” means. Just like they totally diluted the term “racist,” they’ve made impeachment laughable and pointless with this foolish and dangerous sham.

And just like Obama weaponized everything under the sun, the desperate Dems have weaponized impeachment as a “tool” to use against their political enemies and for undoing past elections and influencing future ones.

That’s not how this country is supposed to run – but Dems don’t care. All they want is power and control and they’ll stop at NOTHING to get it…even if it means literally destroying the country and shredding the Constitution.

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