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Ilhan Omar Laughs While Colleague Discusses U.S. Casualties In Iraq

By Missy Crane | January 8, 2020

At a time when all Americans – Dems and Republicans should come together and support the president and the military, leave to Democrats to obstruct, criticize, and laugh. That’s precisely what lhan Omar did during a press briefing the Democrats held to slam President Trump’s successful Iran takedown.

Omar laughed and giggled while Sheila Jackson Lee discussed U.S. casualties from the Iraq war.

“I’m very glad to say that I was part of the 132 and also the vote for Barbara Lee’s amendment, but I think that the point of that is that that is the same war that we’re dealing with today,” Lee said. “We never solved any problems with AUMF, we left four thousand plus, maybe even forty-four hundred dead, and over sixty thousand who came back injured in some form and the war never ended.”

As Lee spoke, Omar could be seen standing behind her laughing while talking to her Democrat colleagues.


It’s absolutely disgraceful that someone like this is representing Americans in Congress.

This piece originally appeared on WayneDupree.com [3] and is used by permission.