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Chaos During Dem Debate: Shouting Match Breaks Out, Moderators Lose Control

Tonight, the Democrats vying for the Party’s presidential nomination duked it out in a debate in South Carolina. It didn’t take long for things to get heated, and soon the debate stage broke out into a shouting match.

The debate moderators, CBS’ Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell struggled to keep control. The candidates were mostly attacking Bernie Sanders, who is currently the frontrunner and is on-track to become the presidential nominee.

At one point, Joe Biden blasted the candidates’ on-stage decorum, saying “I guess the only way to do this is jump in and speak twice as long as you should.”

Showing more fire than he has in many debates, Biden shot back when Buttigieg and other candidates tried to cut him off after King has specifically called on him to speak.

“You spoke over your time so I’m going to talk,” the former veep bellowed at the rest of the crowded field to huge cheers from the crowd.

Biden is in a fight for his life in South Carolina ahead of Saturday’s primary, with Sanders and billionaire Tom Steyer swallowing his lead with black voters. [New York Post]

Here were some of the craziest moments from the evening: