Meghan Markle Already Has New Job: Appearing on Reality Show About Second Marriages

Harry's world is about to be turned upside down and there are any people who feel she is behind all of this. Can you imagine what is being said between the Royal Family behind closed doors?

By Wayne Dupree | February 1, 2020

Hmmm, this all sounds familiar. An American divorcee marries into the royal family, and the royal husband walks away from his royal duties for the sake of his new wife.

The royal couple then lives away from the royal family and hobnob with the rich, famous, and influential, leading a life of leisure because they are still Royalty and social celebrities.

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This is an indication that the media (and general public) doesn’t think much of Markle. Nobody would ever offer a role like that to Kate Middleton, because people respect her.

She made the most of the Christmas break – contacting people and planning schemes and money-making opportunities and planning an announcement to be made when they returned – from that relaxing family time away.

Meghan Markle is already making plans for her first gig after quitting as a senior Royal, according to a new report.

Meghan, 38, will make multiple appearances on the upcoming Canadian reality show ‘I Do, Redo,’ which is about couples planning a second wedding after disaster ruins their first ceremony, a source tells Page Six.

The show will be hosted by Toronto wedding stylist Jessica Mulroney, who is Meghans a close friend and confidant.

It follow’s Meghan and Harry’s vow to become ‘financially independent’ after stepping down from the Royal family.

The guest spots will be ‘sporadic,’ according to the source.

Union scale for a guest role on Canadian TV is $588 a day, though it’s unclear whether Meghan will be paid. [Daily Mail]

Before their marriage, she didn’t get along with anyone in her family except her mother. He seemed to get along with all of his family. Now, after their marriage, they don’t get along with either family. What is the common denominator?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when you marry into Royalty, you are required to give up certain things. It just comes with the job. It seems like she wanted to be Royalty without giving up anything. I say this because she willingly gave up her social media, her entertainment job, and other things before marrying. So she was aware of the cost of marrying into Royalty.

The reality is that Meghan never really wanted the life of a royal, it’s just a “part” she wanted to play. You can take the girl out of Hollywood, but you can’t take Hollywood out of the girl.

Harry’s world is about to be turned upside down, and any people feel she is behind all of this. Can you imagine what is being said between the Royal Family behind closed doors?

I give this marriage another year, maybe eighteen months. She is not well suited for this type of life and needs more attention. Playing second fiddle to Kate for the rest of her days just doesn’t cut.

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