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Melania Trump Ravaged by Furious Leftists as She Wears Gucci Coat

First Lady Melania Trump showed up to speak in the White House’s Blue Room on Monday wearing a $4,000 belted Gucci wool coat. The event was the Governors’ Spouses’ luncheon.

During her speech, Melania spoke about her “Be Best” initiative, focused on online bullying. The First Lady said, “I know the many issues associated with online safety will be hard to stop, but there is a need now more than ever to teach our children healthy behavior to secure a safer future for all of them.”

The stylish coat Melania was wearing is from Gucci’s 2019 Fall collection. It didn’t take long for anti-Trump liberals to see photos of Mrs. Trump in the coat and use it as an opportunity to disparage her.

Despite the attacks online from the left, the Melania Trump was voted the second-most admired woman this year–only being beat by former First Lady Michelle Obama.