Trump Curse: Trump Rape Accuser E. Jean Carroll Just Got the Payback She Deserves

Her chickens just came home to roost

By Sophie O’Hara | February 19, 2020

The kooky lady who claims President Trump “raped” her in a public fitting room inside a department store decades ago, was just fired from her writing job at Elle Magazine.

Back in November, Carroll filed a lawsuit that accused President Trump 0f defamation over his denials of her sexual assault allegations.

Carroll claims Trump accosted her in a dressing room after which he “[thrusted] his penis halfway — or completely, I’m not certain — inside me.”

Conveniently, Carroll never reported the alleged incident to the police.

E. Jean Carroll recently pulled a stunt where she asked President Trump for a DNA sample because she claims she kept the dress shew was wearing – decades ago – when she was “raped” and wanted it tested.

Insane. This is the same women who recently told Anderson Cooper that “rape is sexy.” She’s a nut.

And now she’s an unemployed nut.

E. Jean Carroll worked for Elle magazine for 26 years and now it’s over.

And who is she blaming for her job loss?

Well, Trump of course….

For nearly three decades Carroll’s answered reader questions on relationship problems and other troubles in her dryly funny “Ask E. Jean” column. “It is uncouth to ask a lady her age,” she answered once in a question regarding the politeness of asking a woman her age. “It is customary for a woman to reply with as much seriousness as possible: ‘My age? It’s in the same range as the number of hairs on your bald spot. Low twenties.’” The termination of her contract is sort of shocking given the relative stability of her column in the pages of Elle, as print magazines continually revamp mastheads amid declining relevance. As print has lagged behind the speed and tone of the Internet, Carroll’s column never felt dated.

The termination of her contract follows a high-profile war with President Trump, who she accused of rape earlier this year. In doing so, Carroll joined over a dozen other women with similar accusations. Carroll also sued Trump for defamation after he dismissed her accusations saying she “wasn’t his type” and has endured death threats after making her allegation public. [Jezebel]

Looks like E. Jean Carroll just got a hefty dose of the #TrumpCurse.

And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving liar. There’s nothing worse than women who fake “rape” to sell books and garner attention.

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