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Fox Panel Erupts After Liberal Guest Attacks Trump’s Mental Acuity: ‘Reckless and Irresponsible’

Things got heated on Fox News’ Outnumbered today as left-winger Jessica Tarlov and right-winger Kennedy clashed while discussing the mental fitness of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The panelists were debating whether or not Biden will win the Democratic primary in Michigan. Kennedy noticed that Bernie Sanders and his campaign have started attacking Biden over his stamina and mental acuity. Tarlov, getting irritated, said that Biden will be able to rally progressives and slammed “the MAGA folks and Bernie Sanders camps” for “unifying and saying Joe Biden has dementia.”

Tarlov then said that the comments about Biden’s health are similar to those made about Hillary Clinton’s health in 2016. Kennedy interrupted, saying, “You worried about Joe Biden’s mental faculties on this show. A lot of people, Democrats, openly have talked about [how] they’re worried…”

Tarlov responded that it is “so reckless and irresponsible” for people to suggest that Biden’s gaffes are proof of him having “dementia.” Kennedy said, “When Joe Biden assumes the presidency and his physician goes out for the first time, do you think the press is going to hector that physician the way they did President Trump’s physician?”

Tarlove asked Kennedy if she was talking about Harold Bornstein, Trump’s “crackpot” doctor or Ronny Jackson, his former physician at the White House. She continued, “I have never been a person to question President Trump’s mental or physical fitness. I think it is reckless to do that. I’ve said that he says crazy things…”

“You sure?” Kennedy asked.

“Yeah, I am sure, Kennedy. You find the tape and send it to me,” Tarlov responded.