Ilhan Omar Launches Vulgar Assault on Justices Thomas and Kavanugh and it Backfires Very Quickly

Ilhan Omar didn't threaten the justices, she just launched a lowdown dirty and untruthful attack against Justices Thomas and Kavanaugh. 

By Missy Crane | March 7, 2020

Ilhan Omar and the #Squad had a very bad week. It was revealed that they have absolutely no political power or influence whatsoever.

On Super Tuesday the #Squad was unable to bring home a win for their candidate Bernie Sanders. Ilhan Omar’s district went to Biden and AOC was unable to bring out the youth vote Bernie, whose base has actually shrunk since 2016.

Sign Petition: Remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee 

So, Omar is having a rough go of it and maybe she’s a bit cranky. Perhaps that’s why she lost her marbles and lashed out at two SCOTUS justices, following in the footsteps of Chuck Schumer who was threatening the justices a couple of days ago.

Ilhan Omar didn’t threaten the justices, she just launched a lowdown dirty and untruthful attack against Justices Thomas and Kavanaugh.

She started off by tweeting, “Abortion is a Constitutional right.

Then under that, she tweeted: Two accused sexual predators should not be deciding whether or not women have access to healthcare in this country.

Trust me, it didn’t take long for Omar to feel the backlash. Harsh and swift.

“You say this as if there isn’t more evidence that you married your brother than any of the sexual harassment allegations against Kavanaugh and Thomas”

“There’s more evidence that you married your brother to commit immigration fraud than there is for your false claims about Supreme Court Justices.”

“A woman accused of marrying her brother should not be serving in Congress.”

“An accused incestuous immigration fraudster and home-wrecker shouldn’t be in Congress, either.”

“I don’t think a terrorist-sympathizer who’s committed fraud should be in Congress either, yet here we are.”

“An accused Islamist terrorist should not be in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

“I hope those two Justices sue you for Libel. Neither have been proven to have ever committed a sexual crime. They were just accused by women who “couldn’t remember” anything except their accusations. Perfect timing also.”

“So, should people “accused” of breaking laws be in Congress making laws? Like, say, immigration laws or campaign finance laws, or even the law against marrying a sibling.”

Ilhan Omar will be haunted by the brother rumors until this is thoroughly investigated.

As it stands now there is actual evidence that she committed immigration fraud, but not a shred of evidence that Kavanaugh or Thomas ever did anything wrong.


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