Michelle Obama Gets Special Attention From Shirtless Twerking Male Dancer At Christina Aguilera Concert

Michelle Obama was spotted at Christina Aguilera’s concert last night in Las Vegas, and much to everyone’s surprise, the former First Lady was seen getting some special attention from a shirtless twerking male dancer.

Daily Mail reported that Michelle, 56, attended the concert at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, Michelle was seen sitting with friends as a shirtless male dancer wearing black shorts with gold chaps approached her and twerked in front of her. Michelle seemed to love the experience of watching him dance, as she clapped her hands and smiled before raising her hands in the air.

It appeared as if Michelle may have gestured to the dancer to come over before he approached her. After he finished twerking, Michelle descended into a giggle fit as if she could not believe what had just happened.

This comes after it was announced that Michelle and Barack Obama will be teaming up with the Russo brothers on a new Netflix film, which will be an adaptation of Mohsin Hamid’s bestselling 2017 novel “Exit West.” The book depicts the global refugee crisis as it follows a young couple, Saeed and Nadia, who are forced to flee an unidentified war-torn city in the Middle East. The couple eventually joins a group of migrants and travel to safe havens all around the world through a series of magic doors.

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Michelle is also preparing to get involved in the 2020 election later this month when she hosts a voter participation rally in Detroit, Michigan.

The Hill reported that the event is being organized by When We All Vote, a nonpartisan group that Michelle created in 2018 that aims to encourage people to get out and vote. The event will be held on March 27 at the University of Detroit Mercy, and it will be free for local college and high school students, as well as teachers, group volunteers, staff and partners. Attendees will also have the chance to meet Michelle through a contest that is being put together by the group.

“If we really want our voices to be heard, we need to vote in every election. Not just for president, but for every office: school board, statehouse, Senate — all of them,” Michelle said when she launched When We All Vote. “Our democracy and the country we love requires our attention, voice, and participation.”

It looks like it is going to be a very busy year indeed for Michelle.

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