NYC Mayor To Start Emptying Jails Over Virus Spread

Politicians are using fear and panic to do things that they shouldn't.

What’s happening right now?

It’s as if Democrats are using the Coronavirus to enact every one of their crazy campaign promises.

Chuck Schumer is calling for all student loans to be forgiven because of the Coronavirus and failed NYC Mayor de Blasio is now emptying his jails in the name of the “pandemic.”

While crime soars in his city, de Blasio is about to bring his jail numbers down.

By a lot.

de Blasio claims the move comes over growing concerns about the spread of coronavirus.

The Mayor will begin releasing people from jail early in a number of different categories…always a smart move when the city is in peril to add “freed criminals” to the mix.

What could possibly go wrong?

So there are several categories of prisoners who will be receiving their Get Out of Jail Free cards this week. One group are those over the age of fifty who are considered to have a “low risk of reoffending.” If that’s the case, why were they in jail in the first place?

Prisoners serving terms of less than one year will also (mostly) be released. That’s going to include a lot of street-level drug dealers, as well as those accused of assault or property crimes like retail theft, burglary, and similar offenses. But don’t worry. I’m sure that people who were willing to violate all of those types of laws will absolutely listen to the Governor’s shelter in place orders and not go around breaking into people’s apartments.

Maybe it’s just my faulty memory, but I thought all of the major jails and prisons in the region had medical facilities right on the premises. Wouldn’t you think that a facility full of jail cells would be pretty well set up for isolating sick people? Particularly when some of those cells are specifically labeled as “isolation?” It just seems as if you’re running more of a risk of spreading the disease by dumping them back out on the streets instead of keeping them where you know where they are and who they are coming in contact with. [Hot Air]

I truly believe that we need to be very cautious during this virus outbreak and have the utmost respect for rules involving the pandemic. Common sense is so important right now.  But I believe that many people are sowing the seeds of hysteria (in the media) and politicians like Schumer, de Blasio, and others are using this hysteria and panic to do things that they shouldn’t.

This piece was written by Missy Crane on March 22, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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