Pelosi and Democrats unveil liberal state bailout plan

When the economy is ailing they want to make it worse with their spending fantasies.

OPINION: Fox News reports that on Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats will officially propose the largest virus relief bill to date. Its main component is a bailout for liberal state governments that put themselves in a budget hole long before the virus hit America.

Passage would enable Democrat governors of liberal states across the nation to clean up their economic messes on the backs of American taxpayers in other states who had nothing to do with, nor will gain anything from, this unprecedented spending bill. This is being launched by the Democrats while the nation is in the grip of a serious economic downturn.

Fox News: “Of the more than $3 trillion package, about $1 trillion would go to state, local and tribal governments, according to three sources briefed on the proposal… But the price tag shows that Democrats have gone big — rather, huge — for the fifth round of coronavirus legislation. And it’s a figure sure to face deep skepticism from cost-conscious lawmakers growing uncomfortable with the historic pace of massive spending legislation. The U.S. Treasury already had to borrow $3 trillion to fund the first four coronavirus spending packages that passed with bipartisan support.”

GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signaled Monday that the price tag may be too big and too early, saying, “I don’t think we have yet felt the urgency of acting immediately, but that time could develop, but I don’t think it has yet.”

GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy echoed McConnell’s sentiments and then some, explaining, “Now she [Pelosi] wants to write a $3 trillion bill, with no one able to see, no accountability, and no input. I mean, this is not how democracy works. This is a real concern to all of us this won’t ever become law, but it’ll be the wishlist of the liberals, to try to change election law, fund Planned Parenthood, and make sure sanctuary cities get the chunk of the money.”

Democrats do not agree. “This is an unprecedented time in our history,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said. “…And as a result, we need to respond in unprecedented ways with unprecedented resources.”

Fox News concluded: “The centerpiece of the legislation will be assistance for state, local and tribal governments to help plug budget holes from coronavirus crisis spending and declining tax revenues.”

Also in the bill, as noted above, are Democrat ploys to steal elections by mail-in voting, money for abortion on demand providers, and cash for sanctuary cities to offer taxpayer-funded services and further largesse to illegal aliens.

The bill will have to go through the GOP-controlled Senate where it is likely to get a rocky reception. But unlike virus relief packages of the recent past, GOP senators will see no hurry in rushing it through. That will give them strength to hold the line but will also open them up to Democrat charges of stalling while the funds are supposedly needed.

This measure is another way for Democrats to cover their tails in an election year and continue to try and slip in socialism by the back door. The president is sure not to look too kindly on the Democrat proposal, and neither the House nor Senate, if it were to be passed, has the votes to override a presidential veto.

This opinion piece was written by PoliZette Staff on May 12, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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