President Trump Slams “Hypocritical George Bush” After Unity Message

Many on the left loved George Bush's message, but a lot of folks on the right weren't quite so jazzed, including President Trump.

OPINION: Former President George W. Bush posted a video urging unity during the coronavirus.

Many on the left loved it, but a lot of folks on the right weren’t quite so jazzed, including President Trump.

The video was great–you can’t bag on someone who is trying to say or do something nice during a rough time for the country.

However, it’s tough for a lot of people to believe that renowned globalist and neocon George W. Bush is suddenly all about “unity” when he spent eight years silent as Obama weaponized the intel and IRS, while putting a stranglehold on small business and helped decimate the middle class.

Then when Donald Trump became president, globalist Bush suddenly got very vocal and very negative, publicly criticizing Trump several times.

Many people will argue we should let bygones be bygones, as Bush is simply trying to promote a positive message during a difficult time. I appreciate that. But we’ve faced other difficult times when Bush hasn’t said a word and didn’t offer a sliver of unity.

Bush went radio-silent again over the entire debunked Russia investigation, #SpyGate, and even the sham impeachment against President Trump. Those issues divided this country dramatically and cost millions of dollars to boot. The impeachment sham also took Congress out of the “corona game” and they lost precious time to focus and work harder to keep Americans safe and ready.

And that’s exactly the message President Trump delivered in a tweet on Sunday.

The President thanked Mr. Bush for the message – which was the right thing to do – but then called him out as a hypocrite for staying silent when his voice could have brought a lot of “unity” to a fractured country.

So, while the idea of “unity” is great, the messenger in this case may have fallen a bit flat for many.

Not to mention, many people are incensed at how deeply the Bush family is involved with the World Health Organization, which is in China’s pocket. Both China and WHO’s disinformation and misinformation tactics have led to more death and sickness in this country according to experts.

This opinion piece was written by Missy Crane on May 3, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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