‘We’re Being Treated Like Children’ – Mike Rowe Slams Dems for Hurting ‘Non-Essential’ Workers

Rowe once again hits the nail on the head

OPINION: Mike Rowe, like many other Americans, has had enough of the extreme measures being put in place by a number of left-wing governors nationwide.

Many of these measures are taking their toll on so-called “non-essential” workers, which Rowe points that no job should be considered as such. Rowe then goes one step further and slams liberals for treating Americans like children during this crisis.

“Most of the country is going to come through this with the realization we’re being treated like children … by people who want us to look at them as parents,” Rowe said during an interview with Glenn Beck on the Blaze.

“In an economy like this, when you take 26 million ‘nonessential’ workers out of the equation … the whole thing collapses under its own weight,” he said. “I would suggest to you right now that there is no such thing as a nonessential worker when it comes to the economy,” Rowe added in response to certain workers being deemed “nonessential” during the virus crisis and not allowed to work.

Rowe touched on a sentiment that has been growing across the country in places such as California and Michigan, where residents have started pushing back against coronavirus lockdowns they believe to be draconian and calls for states to allow people back to work have been intensifying.

Earlier this week, Rowe surprised a Michigan restaurant owner with $10,000 during an episode of his online show Returning the Favor. [Washington Examiner]

Thank goodness for men like Mr. Rowe.

He always has such an amazing common sense approach to these outrageous situations.

This opinion piece was written by Sophie O’Hara on May 1, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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