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Mark Levin Mocks BLM Leader: “What Exactly Are You Gonna Burn Down, Tough Guy?”

Mark Levin went absolutely nuclear on anarchists and Marxists during his appearance on “Hannity.”

He was responding to the”Black Lives Matter” leader Hawk Newsome who told Martha MacCallum, “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.”

This angered Levin–andresponded to the communist in pure “Levin-style.”

Here’s what he said:

“You’re gonna burn what down, pal? I’m sick and tired of these damn threats from people I don’t even know. You’re gonna burn what down? What exactly are you gonna burn down, tough guy? I’m sick and damn tired of it. It’s time to get behind the cops. It’s time for these pathetic Democrat mayors and governors to call in the National Guard. It’s time to take our streets back, and I’m talking for tens of millions of people, a rainbow coalition of Americans…black, brown, white, yellow, red, whatever.

Levin then reminded communists that if they don’t like our great country, they can “pick up their ass” and leave.

You can watch the video below (Levin is at around the 1:28 Mark):


This opinion piece was written by Missy Crane on June 25, 2020. It originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [1] and is used by permission.