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Obama Looks Horrified as Biden Tries to Have Conversation With Pre-Recorded Video

OPINION: While President Trump had millions of people watching his energetic and powerful Tulsa rally, former President Obama and Joe Biden could only capture 120,000 eyeballs for their boring, jumbled, and confusing town hall. And a huge chunk of those eyeballs were conservatives watching to see how badly Joe would mess up.

The two got together for the “virtual town hall,” on Tuesday, and it was as awkward and cringeworthy as you would expect. Obama sat stone-faced, but still had a look of “silent horror” on his face, as Biden tried to hold a conversation with a pre-recorded video question.

You can tell that Obama is ready to crawl out of his skin as this very awkward one-sided “conversation” starts to unfold.

You can watch the video below:


Honestly, there was a very good reason why Obama told Joe that he “didn’t have to do this,”  when it came to running for the White House.

Poor old Joe should’ve listened.

This opinion piece was written by Missy Crane on June 24, 2020. It originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [3] and is used by permission.