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Report: Trump Just Ordered U.S. Marshal’s to Immediately “Gear Up”

President Trump has waited long enough for Democrat leaders to do the right thing and restore law and order.

After watching our nation’s statues and monuments be vandalized and torN down by rioters, Trump has put his foot down, and called on the U.S. Marshals to immediately begin protecting our nation’s history.

From New York Post [1]

U.S. Marshals have been told they should gear up to defend national monuments across the country, after several of the structures were toppled or vandalized during recent protests, a report said on Wednesday.

The service “has been asked to immediately prepare to provide federal law enforcement support to protect national monuments,” Marshals Assistant Director Andrew C. Smith wrote in an email obtained by The Washington Post.

“This is a challenging assignment due to the breadth of possible targets for criminal activity,” Smith wrote.

To coordinate, the Marshals Incident Management Team will start a Joint Operations Center in Springfield, Va., and every Special Operations Group deputy will be made available to help as soon as Thursday, he wrote.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Trump administration activated the National Guard to protect monuments in Washington, D.C., as anti-racism protests continue to rage in the nation’s capital.

Enough of allowing these anarchist to destroy our nation’s statues and monuments.

This opinion piece was written by Missy Crane on June 25, 2020. It originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [2] and is used by permission.