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Attorney General Bill Barr crushes House Judiciary Democrats in testimony: ‘Since when is it okay to burn down a federal court?’

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr took on the Democrats on Tuesday in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

With various Democrat committee members waiting to get a piece of him, Barr turned the tables on them and made them look like particularly dim-witted children.

Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler of New York (D) started the fun with this unbiased and judicious statement about Barr: “In your time at the department, you have aided and abetted the worst failings of the president,” Nadler said. GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio was having none of it.

When Nadler pressed Barr on his independence from the president, Barr rounded on him: “On the contrary, he has told me from the start that he expects me to exercise my independent judgment to make whatever call I think is right. That is precisely what I have done.”

When asked the idiotic question of whether he and the president have ever spoken about the election, Barr replied, “I’m a member of the Cabinet and there’s an election going on, obviously the topic comes up. It shouldn’t be a surprise.”

However, Barr saved his big guns for Democrat sponsorship of rioters in Portland and charges of a federal overreaction: “Federal courts are under attack. Since when is it okay to burn down a federal court? If someone went down the street to the Prettyman Court here, that beautiful courthouse we have right at the bottom of the hill, and started breaking windows and firing industrial-grade fireworks in to start a fire, throw kerosene balloons in and start fires in the court, is that okay? Is that okay now?”

“No, the U.S. Marshals have a duty to stop that and defend the courthouse, and that’s what we are doing in Portland. We are at the courthouse, defending the courthouse. We are not out looking for trouble… What makes me concerned for the country is this is the first time in my memory that the leaders of one of our two great political parties, the Democratic Party, are not coming out and condemning mob violence and the attack on federal courts. Why can’t we just say, you know, violence against federal courts has to stop? Could we hear something like that?”

Barr responded when asked about the Stone and Flynn cases: “The cases that are cited, the Stone case and the Flynn case, are both cases where I determined that some intervention was necessary to rectify the rule of law, to make sure people are treated the same. Stone was prosecuted under me. And I said all along I thought that was a righteous prosecution, I thought he should go to jail, and I thought the judge’s sentence was correct.”

“But the line prosecutors were trying to advocate for a sentence that was more than twice anyone in a similar position had ever served, and this was a 67-year-old man, first-time offender, no violence. And they were trying to put him in jail for seven to nine years. And I wasn’t going to advocate that, because that is not the rule of law.”

At the end of the day, Jim Jordan did not let Nadler get away with much: “For months you’ve tried to get the attorney general to come,” Jordan told Nadler. “He’s here. Why don’t you let him speak? Why don’t you let him answer the questions? If you want the attorney general to come at least let him answer the accusations made against him… Time after time you refuse to let the attorney general answer the questions posed to him.”

And Jordan knows why that is. Because the more people who hear Barr the more people who will know Nadler and the Democrats are liars.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on July 28, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette [3] and is used by permission.

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