Chris Cuomo’s Wife Raked Over the Coals For Hosting Posh Hamptons Yoga Event Without Mask or “Social Distancing” 

"Mask for thee, but not for me" - Christina Cuomo, Privileged Maskless Liberal

OPINION: Chris Cuomo likes to tell everyone what to do, but then he does whatever he wants because Chris is a privileged rich liberal and the “rules” don’t apply to him or his family.

For example, Cuomo has been pushing the left’s #StayHome agenda–but when he supposedly had “COVID” he left the house (without a mask) to go check out some of his recent real estate purchases around the swanky Hamptons. And when he was confronted by a concerned local, Cuomo verbally attacked the poor man.

When it mattered most, Cuomo didn’t bother to wear a mask and now we see his privileged liberal wife doesn’t wear them when it matters most either.

Christina Cuomo held a posh “Yoga Event” at a fancy “Jimmy Choo” shoe store in the very elite Hamptons, where she not only didn’t wear a mask, she also didn’t practice “social distancing.”

From Page Six

It’s a stretch for Gov. Cuomo’s sister-in-law to follow the rules on social distancing and mask-wearing.

Cristina Cuomo, wife of the governor’s brother and CNN host Chris Cuomo, posted an Instagram video showing her doing a maskless yoga session just inches from a pal in the East Hamptons Jimmy Choo shoe store.

Both Cuomo and the friend, Erika Halweil, a yoga instructor, removed their masks within seconds of starting the nearly 70-minute workout Wednesday, conducted in front of shelves of pricey stilettos.

Not all viewers offered them namaste.

“Wear masks!” one commented.

“Can all gyms and studios open in NY or just yours?” asked another.

Gov. Cuomo, who regularly urges mask-wearing, including in a tweet Saturday, has refused to allow gyms to operate even when a region reaches the last phase of the state’s four-step reopening process.

Upper West Side gym Momentum Fitness commented on Instagram that Cristina Cuomo, who publishes a magazine called “The Purist,” should use her position as “as an influencer” to help.

“Your health and wellness magazine feeds off of the gym industry and we are all slowly suffocating to death. Please use your power and direct line to the Governor to advocate for small gyms or else we will not be able to support our families as well as help those in our communities. PLEASE HELP US!” the gym commented.

Manhattan pilates studio owner Tara Gordon wrote “If any of us had done that we’d have been fined and potentially lost our business.”

If this was truly about the virus, wouldn’t elitists like Christina and Chris be following the rules because of the gravity and seriousness? But they’re not doing that, and you really have to stop and ask yourself why.

Why do they want you and me to follow these rules, but they don’t have to? Why is there panic for us, but none for them?

This opinion piece was written by Missy Crane on July 19, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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