‘The View’ derails again as Meghan McCain tells Joy Behar to not be ‘snippy’ during Trump discussion

The ABC talk show “The View” went off the rails once again on Thursday, when cohosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar went at it in a heated discussion over Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka’s promotion of Goya Foods products.

The segment kicked off with cohost Sunny Hostin claiming that Trump and Ivanka promoting Goya products was a “federal ethics violation.” When cohost Whoopi Goldberg asked McCain and Behar what they thought about this, the two vehemently disagreed with each other.

“Millions of people are losing their jobs,” Behar said. “Hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead and dying, Florida is running out of hospital beds and he’s posing with a can of beans.”

“You were going to ask me about boycotting. So, I want to point out why boycotting is very important because we would still have apartheid in South Africa if other countries, including the U.S., did not boycott South Africa,” the 77-year-old added. “Boycotts are extremely, extremely effective.”

McCain, however, was not having any of it.

“All the examples Joy just gave are examples of ideological boycotts and not cooperate boycotts and they are actually two very different things,” McCain said. “I hate politics when it comes down to bottom line workers and the Goya company employees 4,000 workers. They actually just committed to giving two million pounds in the form of Goya products to people in need, who have been impacted by COVID-19 and I think sometimes when executives do and say things, you don’t think about the bottom line workers.”

And she didn’t stop there.

“And Joy, you just said people are out of jobs. I don’t want anyone else to be out of a job and I certainly don’t want anyone at the Goya company to lose their job over this,” she said. “If I only bought and consumed entertainment and products that agreed with me politically, I would only be eating Chick-fil-A, even though I was a proponent of gay marriage. I would be only watching Tim Allen movies.”

When McCain went on to add that “it’s really interesting who can really live consuming every product you can in every way by whatever CEO agrees with you,” Behar tried to interrupt her, but she quickly shut her down.

“I’m still talking, Joy,” McCain said.

Goldberg later said that the photo of Ivanka holding a can of Goya beans was “creepy,” at which time Behar said, “[Meghan] is still talking, Whoopi.”

That’s when McCain really lost it.

“Joy, you don’t have to be so snippy with me today, you really don’t,” she said. “I’m talking ’cause I’m paid to talk and it’s my job and that’s what I’m doing. If you have a problem with it, I don’t have to come to work today.”

I guess Behar picked the wrong day to mess with Meghan McCain!

This opinion piece was written by PopZette Staff on July 17, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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